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Knife Ring Flaker, Type PZSC – Achieve higher throughput rates at lower power consumption

The new Knife ring flaker, type PZSC is equipped with an increased amount of knives and thereby meets the market demands for higher capacities at a constantly good flake quality at lower energy consumption.

The knife ring, counter-rotating to the impeller, is driven by a gear motor via chain drives. This well-proven counter-rotating principle of the PALLMANN flakers ensures that, throughout the entire service life of the machine, all knives at the circumference of the knife ring cut evenly and that the flake material is reliably discharged. The rotating impeller accelerates the wood chips and pushes them through the interior of the knife ring where they are flaked by the knives which are arranged therein.

Besides the flake capacity and flake quality, PALLMANN has also put the safe operation and protection of the machine central. All machine components which are in direct contact with the flake material, are exchangeable and therewith protect the base frame of the machine. Special designs have been developed for the knife ring and the impeller as well as for the machine housing.

Quality and flake consistency are decisive for the board quality and are therefore crucial development criteria. PALLMANN flakers are flexible and individually adaptable to your flaking requirements.

The professional wood chips preparation with the new flaker, type PZSC 16-600 ensures the flake material for the production of high quality particleboards.

Time and time again, PALLMANN sets new standards in flaking technology due to the constant further development of the machines and materials.

Exhibitor: Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

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